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Business scope
1、 Supply Philips products: CATV Amplifying module, fiber-optic receiving module, RF wideband dynatron, variable capacitance diodes, serial field-effect tube, pin diodes, RF MMICP, wave switch diodes, power dynatron, microwave dynatron.
2、 ASI products : Application-Specific RF Power Transistors,
3、 Mitsubishi products: power amplifying module, high frequency transmitting tube.
4、 Motorola products: power amplifying module, microwave dynatron.
5、 NEC products : high frequency field-effect tube, variable-capacitance tube,CATV Amplifying module..
6、 International famous brands, SMD chip components
7、 Specially supply many overseas discontinued, urgent and inadequate serial NPN and PNP silicon-power transistors, NPN Darlington and PNP Darlington transistors.


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